To set up the general parameters of urCollection is required in order to take full advantage of this sales app. If you have not created your administration account in our sales software, essential step to access the configuration portal, we recommend you to start here: First steps with urCollection.

If you have created your account and have the document manager already downloaded in your sales force’s devices, you are ready to set up the app’s general parameters. These can be configured from the web administration portal and later on you’ll see the changes applied in all sales force’s tablets.

How to create a category?

Categories are those folders that group together documents that share the same properties or aims. These categories make the organization and file searching easier. Before uploading your first documents you must create a new category. To create a category, follow the steps below:

1. Access the Administration portal with your username and password

2. Click on the Categories tab in the top menu

3. Click on the Add Category tab located in the right-hand side of the screen

4. Write the name that will describe this new category and accept

If you have done it correctly, you’ll see how a new folder with the assigned name appears. Once this is done, you will be able to upload all the documents you need to it.

To know more about our sales software’s Categories check this article: Improve your document’s organization: urCollection categories.

How to upload documents to urCollection?

Once the first category is created, you can start uploading your first documents to the document manager. It as easy as following these steps:

1. Click on the folder you have created inside Categories

2. Once there, click on the Add Documents tab in the right-hand side of the screen

3. Drag and drop the documents from your computer’s Finder or Desktop to the web portal

4. Define which actions could you sales force do with the files and accept

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will see the documents uploaded appear on the screen.

To know more about how to upload and edit the documents’ properties with our app for sales force check the following article: Upload the first documents with urCollection.

How to create a new user?

With our document management app you can create two different types of users:

a) Users without administration roles: They are the sales force that will use urCollection from their devices and will use the documents as a visual support during the sales speech.

b) Administrators: They are Sales Managers, CEOs or Marketing Managers. Apart from having a user’s characteristics, they have also access to the web portal and have the privilege of being able to configure all the parameters.

To create a new user, please follow the steps below:

1. Click the Users tab in the portal’s top menu

2. Click the Add User tab in the right-hand side of the screen

3. Configure your new user’s characteristics and accept

If you can see the new user on your screen, it means that it has been created correctly. Bear in mind that your users’ properties can be modified whenever you want from this screen.

To know how you can set up your users’ properties to share files, please check this article: All you need to know about users.

How to create a user group?

User groups are those users grouped together sharing a common property that have access to the same documents and permissions. To create a new user group:

1. Click on the Menu’s Groups tab located at the top of the screen

2. Click on the Add Group tab

3. Write the Group’s name

4. Select the Users and Documents you want to include in this Group and accept

If you have followed the process correctly, you will see how the new User Group appears on the screen.

To learn how to edit your user groups with your document management system, check this article: All you need to know about users and user groups.

What sections do the general configuration have?

From the General Configuration you can define both the app and the web administration panel’s characteristics. All you can do is explained down below:

  • Decide whether the new documents will be downloaded when synchronizing or when the sales force asks for it from his/her mobile device

  • Set up after how many hours the sales force must log in again. This is very useful in case that the sales force loses the device, because if you don’t know the username and the password you cannot access the company’s documentation

  • Define which type of document display workers will see on their devices. There are two types of display: List of documents or files in shelves

  • Choose if you want to show the document’s name or not. It is also a decision you can leave to your workers

  • Upload the company’s logo so that it can appear in the app

  • Choose the company’s representative color so that urCollection App can have the visual identity of your company

Other internal configurations of the sales software:

  • Change your company’s billing information

  • See the invoice history of the payment plans and download them in pdf type

  • Manage the subscription. That is to say, to check what subscription or payment plan do you have and the day it expires, to renew it, to hire a superior plan or more users to use the App