If you want to manage correctly the sales team's documents, you should use this sales software

App for sales force and sellers

Finally, sales teams have obtained apps that help them every day and allow them to sell more and better.

The app for sales force urCollection was especially designed to manage catalogs and other documents used during the sales, mainly for those products and services that require some explanation.

With urCollection every seller will have all catalogues updated in their tablets. But, how can it be?

The administrators are the only ones who can distribute the catalogs to the sales team’s devices. Thus, documents are controlled and sellers are always sided with the same sale speech.

With urCollection your company will be able to manage catalogs, to improve the sale speech and in this way, to increment sales.

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With the app for sales teams you will be able to distribute documents safely

Why implement urCollection?

Manage the company's sale files  Document Manager

urCollection allows to improve the way in which the catalogs and other documents are distributed to the sales force. Also, the app avoids losses of files, centralizes its management, saves time and ensures that the sellers will have always the latest updates.

Prevent sales force from modifying, eliminating or sharing the catalogues' content  Total safety

Prevent sales force from modifying, eliminating or sharing the content of the catalogs and the documents intended to sell. With this app for sales force, your business files will always be safe and protected.

Improve the sales force's speech with urCollection  Boost the sales speech

The sales force will find the products’ catalogs, offers and rates inside the urCollection App. They will have a quick access to these files from wherever and at any time. By digitizing the documents you will draw customers’ attention and will persuade them faster to make a purchase.

The usage analytics will allow you to control what the sales forces do with the documents while they are in sales visits.  Usage analytics

Analytics allow you to know which catalogs are more used, by who and also where are they used. With urCollection, you will get exhaustive information about the usage of the documents in sales visits, thing that allows to improve your sales files continuously.

Our clients’ success

Our main goal is our clients’ satisfaction. With urCollection, we are helping many companies to improve their sales process and how they show their products, increasing this way their benefits.

Montibello uses urCollection, the sales force app, to manage and distribute its catalogues and sales files


Documentation is essential for Montibello. The sales force app improves the way how they distribute the catalogues to its sales force. Montibello has found that when they manage correctly their digital catalogs the sales of their products increase at the same time.

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 The less used documents are modified to offer the sales force the best sales contents


For Colonial distributing documents to their tenants was a difficult and repetitive task. With urCollection App, Colonial is able to distribute quickly and easily all documents. It also provides information on how, when and where tenants have used them.

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Enciclopèdia Catalana, Digec, has incorporated a sale app to improve the usege of its catalogs during sales visits


Digec, Enciclopèdia Catalana, uses urCollection to share catalogs with their sales force. Using this file management app, the sales force has stopped carrying heavy paper catalogs and sales reps has a much more unified speech.

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The urCollection team is always side by side with their clients to improve their business, to help them to distribute and manage their catalogs and offers, to boost the sale speech, to protect their confidential contents and to control which documents sell the most