This is the Montibello success story, a company with more than 50 years of experience devoted exclusively to professional cosmetics products in Spain and Portugal, which has experienced an increase thanks to mobile apps.

Montibello takes special care of its more than 300 employees, who company protects and cares for them individually, looking for the satisfaction of their needs. And precisely due to the needs of its more than 100 sales force spread over Spain and Portugal, Montibello joined urCollection.

Montibello Challenge

When Montibello contacted urCollection, app specialized in sales teams, needed to distribute its catalogs, offers and rates in a quick and easy way with its sales team. Montibello had other needs that other document management tools couldn’t meet, as Dropbox.

1. To avoid losses and duplication of contents: whole sales force could add, modify and delete files

2. To distribute catalogs and documentation individually: That is to say, to define which users can access to which documents

3. To know which files are the most used and which are the less during sales team’s sales visits

Looking for the best solution

After a meeting to analyze all the needs and requirements in depth, we saw that urCollection met perfectly all the expectations of Montibello.

1. urCollection is a hierarchical solution: only administrators can access to the control panel from where the documentation is managed, being able to add, delete and modify documents

2. urCollection allows to create user groups: to distribute different files in each group. Why does Montibello need groups? Because they have sales teams that speak different languages and the company wants that each team could have the files in the correct language, not all jumbled up

3. urCollection analytics: analyze and find out which contents are the most used, which are the less ones and also where those files have been used

The implementation of urCollection was very quick and easy, in a couple of days it was available in every sales force’s device. Furthermore, Montibello requested training for some of its workers in order to take advantage of all the app’s potential. A couple of weeks later, all sales forces were able to use the app to the fullest.

The spread of documents, the loss of contents or the disparity of the sales speech are problems that urCollection can solve. Because of this, this mobile app has become the most used one by teams to control their sales documents.

Results of using urCollection app

Montibello has been using urCollection for more than a year and has been able to check the results below:

  • All documents are updated and all sales force has the latest versions

  • There are no problems related to losses, copies or information leakage

  • Each sales team has files in their own language

  • The most sold products belong to the most showed catalogs

  • Those sales force that sell more are the ones who show more files, therefore, the ones who use urCollection app the most

  • Sales force uses more PDFs and PowerPoint catalogs rather than videos of the products

  • Thanks to the fact that the whole sales force has the same files, the company’s sales speech has become unified

  • The less used files are modified to offer to sales force some material that can meet their needs

  • There are employees who open documents outside the customer’s establishment