¿How does urCollection app work?

Manage sales catalogues in the most quick and effective way
Sales force won't have to carry catalogs with them or stay in the office doing paperwork anymore; they will be selling all day
The app for sales managers and sales directors that allows to control what the sales force do during sales visits
Find easily all the sales documents inside the tablets, iPads, mobile devices, iOS, Android and Windows

urCollection is the app for mobile devices that allows sellers to show catalogs during sales visits

Get your sellers out of the office to get rid of administrative tasks and paperwork

Do your sales force carry out-of-date catalogs, obsolete prices or discontinued products with them? urCollection is your solution

Sales force will carry the digitized sale catalogs on their mobile device

The sales manager prepares and uploads the catalogs and other sales documents to the general administration website

The digitization of the catalogs allows to take them everywhere with tablets: iOS, Android and Windows

The sales team receives the documents inside the urCollection app automatically

Your sales force will have the sales speech unified and they will increase their sales thanks to catalogs and sales offers
Discover which documents are opened and which are not during the sales visits with the usage analytics that urCollection app offer
The less used catalogs are modified to offer the sales forces the best documents to sell more and in a better way
Sell more by improving the catalogs' distribution with the sales team

Boost the speech of the sales team with the sales documents

Sales reps can improve and boost the sales speech thanks to the documents prepared to sell

Usage analytics of sale documents let you know what your sales force do during business visits

Thanks to urCollection’s analytics you will know how and where the documents are used during the visits

With the right documents, sales are boosted and sale speech is strengthen

Improve the less used documents to offer to the sales force the best sale tools

Sell more than your competing companies thanks to have control in the sale documentation

By improving the files and the sales speech you will sell more and you will also see your business grow to ahead of your competing companies

Control the catalogs’ distribution

urCollection is the only app that will help you to improve the way to manage and distribute the sales catalogs to the sales team.

Sales force uses catalogs and other documents, as can be offers or rates, to sell the company’s products. The aforesaid files have become a very valuable asset for the sales staff, especially during the sales visits.

This is because during these meetings the sellers show the documents to their customers to stregthen and boost their speech, and in this way they can persuade them faster to the purchase.

The sales department has to prepare very qualified documents that will be later distributed to the sales staff, in order to unify the sales speech and thus, sell more.

urCollection is the only app that allows companies to distribute, in a controlled way, the sales documents among their sales reps.

urCollection, the sale catalogs app that helps the sales force to improve the distribution of sales documents

So easy that everyone can use it

urCollection is a very easy app and thousands of sales force are already using it every day during their sales visits.

The urCollection App is managed from a control panel which only the administrators have access. There, they upload the documents and share them with the sales reps.

For sellers is even easier, no matter their age or their technological knowledge, they will be able to use the app in a quick and easy way. The only thing they have to do is open urCollection that is already in their mobile tablets. There, they will find the documents organized and ready, as if it were a library, to be used during the sales speech, thing that helps to strengthen it and to boost the sales arguments.

Furthermore, urCollection is totally mobile, in other words, the sales force will be able to work from any platform and from wherever they might be, even if they are inside an elevator without Internet connection, because you never know when you will have to do a sale.

Protect the documents intended to sell

It is true that there are other apps, as can be Dropbox or Drive, that help companies to share documents and to work together online. However, these programs are designed so every member of the staff could modify, eliminate or share all the documents.

urCollection is the only app specialized for sales teams, and what it looks for is to protect documents, allowing that all sellers could have the same documents but without having the rights to change, eliminate or release the sales content.

For this reason, urCollection has been designed to be hierarchical: the sales manager is the only one authorized to distribute the digital catalogs among the sales reps.

Sellers will see how their sales documents are updated automatically, being able to use the latest versions of catalogs, prices and offers during the sales visits, and avoiding in this way any chance of misunderstanding in the sales information.

Protect confidential sales documents from the competing companies and get the best protection with urCollection app
The urCollection app's statistics and usage analytics allow to know what the sales force do with the catalogs and also who sales the most and the less

Learn from sales visits

urCollection is the only app that allows the manager to know and learn about the sellers’ sales visits.

From the control panel, administrators will be able to analyze the analytics of the catalogs usage that have been generated during the visits.

This data lets you know which documents are the most used and which are the less. This information allows you to know how files are being used, so you can take a decision according to the results.

Analytics let you know where and when the documents have been used, in this way, you can have an exhaustive sales control.

Thanks to the analytics, companies are changing their sales strategies because they have confirmed that the most sold products are the most shown. Also they found out that the sales force who sell more are those who use urCollection App more.