There are many kinds of commercial speech. It will depend on the sales channel to develop our commercial activity that will use one or other essential techniques to adapt the resources undertaken to improve the message.

Influence on communication

From primary school they teach us that various factors intervene in communication:

Commercial Speech
  • Sender: It is the one who emits the message and therefore the one who originates what we want to communicate.
  • Receiver: It is to whom the message is addressed and republished.
  • Channel: It is the means by which the message is transmitted.
  • Code: It is the medium through which the message is created. It can be verbal (idioms, braille, …) or non-verbal (images, pictograms, symbols, videos).
  • Message: This is what transmet is, what we want to communicate. It is the content of the communication it self.
  • Context: This is the extralinguistic situation that envelops the message.

All elements are involved in communication and must be consistent with each other. We cannot speak to a client (receiver) in a language (code) that he does not understand, or in a linguistic register that does not agree with the circumstance in which we find ourselves.

Therefore, studying the factors which are involved in communication is important for business discourse to be as effective as possible.

We will understand, that the commercial speech must be analyzed in detail so that none of the intervening factors fail. To make the message attractive, adapting the register, the language, the message, or even the channel to favor that the Receiver can perceive the message in a clear and pleasant way to make it more effective to reach the purpose for which it was created.

What is Commercial Speech?

It is the concept with which we understand the set of resources that intervene in the elaboration of a message to make known a product or service. It is intended to convince or persuade the receiver to buy our product.

Therefore, we can consider that the commercial speech ranges from the image we project as a company (or salespeople) to the linguistic register we use in the message.

It’s very important that the commercial speech is attractive and interesting to our client.

Sometimes companies write storylines designed to help sellers convince potential buyers. But when the conversation revolves around something that goes beyond expectations (context) the Script (missatge) is no longer effective.

The message and how to communicate it

We must be mindful that of all the elements involved in communication the most important thing is the message. Because it is the intention itself that initiates the communication. It is what you want to communicate.

It is very important to consider other elements of communication, like the channel or the code. These can influence the final message and its design. Talking on the phone ( in any language) is not the same as speaking in person in sign language. And, therefore, the message must be adapted to the listener. If the receiver does not understand the code of the message or does not receive it (the channel is lost), there is no more communication.

In the business area, a well-designed catalogue, attractive images of our product, illustrative videos, … will be supports that will complement our speech. They will be the best complements to the message.

For a sales person, having a tool to help him or her improve their speech is a plus for boosting and improving sales.

In this case, tools like urCollection allow us to share files with our commercials, immediately and give the possibility to offer a message updated and attractive.

Influential factors affecting the message

Which factors may affect the message? All of them can affect the message. So let’s look at the examples:

Sender: This is the person in charge of transmitting the message. It is on this element that responsibility for expressing the message.

Channel: It is the medium through which the message travels. The air in the case of a verbal message, the telephone line, the e-mail, … If the channel fails, the message cannot get to its destination. It is essential to adapt the message to the channel through which it is going to be transmitted.

Code: We have to consider which code we have to use for the message to be understood. To make it comprehensible to the receiver. In addition to the language, it is important to express ourselves in a clear and simple way, appropriate to the technical level of the person who is going to receive the message.

Context: It is an indispensable condition to adapt the message to the moment in which it is sent. It would not be logical to announce Christmas nougat in June.

And finally, the receiver: If the message is not interesting to the receiver, the listener will probably not be interested in receiving it. It should be attractive and tailored to his or her interests.

How to improve commercial speech

All companies are dedicated to the same thing: selling. Therefore, all companies must design and perfect their business speech.

There are elements that are necessary to improve business discourse:

  • Knowing the product perfectly, to explain all its characteristics and to be able to resolve any doubt that may arise to the client (Receiver).
  • Involve the receiver in communication. If we get the receiver’s feedback we may know your interest level to adapt the message to make it more attractive. In addition, creating an implication on the part of the receiver will turn the speech into a conversation. If he or she participates, asks questions, observes, … he or she is showing interest in what we are telling him or her.
  • Show empathy and emotion in the speech: Put ourselves in the client’s place will make it easier for us to propose an interesting offer. Transmitting our emotion to the product. As the emotions are contagious, to project a positive emotion towards the product will be essential.

In addition to these must-have items, you can help your speech with visual supports, such as our tool urCollection. You can carry all the information in it, videos and images relating to the products your company sells, in a safe way. Without wasting paper and always updated.

Would you like to improve your commercial speech?

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