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urCollection is a solution that accomplishes the needs of those sales teams that sell high added value products, that is to say, that require a detailed explanation.

Thanks to urCollection, our customers have improved the way how they sell: enhancing the sales speech, distributing the catalogs and improving the way how sales force use the sales content.

urCollection is the perfect mobile solution for big, medium and small companies that want to improve the way how sales documents are distributed among the sales department.

urCollection has an important range of customers which expect to find at the app the help to get a better management of their business' sales documents

Successful Stories

We want to be closer to our customers all the time, especially when they need us. All of them have seen how their companies improved with urCollection, helping them to achieve their business goals.

Montibello uses urCollection to manage and distribute its catalogs and sales documents


Family business founded in 1967, Barcelona. It develops its activity producing and distributing professional cosmetic products in Spain with national and international acknowledgment.‬

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The less used documents are modified to offer the best sales contents to the sales force


On the quality office market in the euro-zone, Colonial is the baseline real-estate agency. Because of this, that is one of the main operators in the Spanish and the European real-estate market.

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Enciclopèdia Catalana, Digec, has incorporated a sales app in order to improve the use of the catalogs during the sales visits


Publication of literary works on different topics: major works, children’s and young people’s literature, textbooks, teaching resources and online contents. Digec has the aim of promoting and spreading the Catalan language and culture.

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