A sales software is a tool created to help you with the tasks related to the commercial management of your company. They can also help you to improve your sales techniques and make them easier to apply.

There are essential tools that are required to sell more and to manage the activity well. Depending on the type of company and the type of sale we make, we will need one type or another.

Sales Software Types

Do you want to know what types of sales software exist and what they do? I’ll tell you about it below.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

This type of software is not sales software strictly speaking, but business management. It manages accounting, invoicing, purchasing, HR, stocks, logistics,… It is a complete solution for all the part of administrative management that a company needs.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This is the sales software for excellence. It is the tool that manages the relationship with customers, stores their data, allows commercial actions, and more. In a CRM we can find all the history of interactions that have occurred with each customer or lead. We can see their status, interest in an offer, purchases made and rejected offers, among others.

POS (Point of Sale Terminal)

Normally it is associated to a hardware (cash register). It is essential in stores with a physical shop that sell to the general public. It manages stocks, the cash register, material orders,… It is the sales software par excellence for physical establishments. In some restaurants or hotels, it even manages reservations, available tables or rooms and timetables.

WMS (Warehouse Management Software)

This is the tool whose function is to control stocks, coordinate and optimize the material movements, and also the logistics and warehouse processes. It is not a sales software, but it is necessary to develop and facilitate the sales process.

This type of software allows teams to share information and documents safely and efficiently to facilitate commercial management. Salespeople have access to the documents and brochures needed to perform their function wherever they need them.

Marketing Automation

This software can be connected to a CRM or be included in it. Its most important function is to automatize communications with customers using previously established parameters. We can also generate automated replies as a result of the different actions made by customers.

Sales Software: Which one is right for you?

We have said that sales software is designed to improve and optimize the tasks for it was created.

Now that we have seen the main types that exist, we will have the ability to decide what is necessary in our company. The most appropriate will be the one which adapts to our own situation and improves your processes.

At a point of sale, such as a bakery, a POS will be indispensable and Marketing Automation software may not be necessary.

Each type of sales software will assist us in optimizing the tasks that the tool manages. In this way, the processes will be faster, more effective and more secure.

Therefore, a sales software will help us in the management of the commercial process. Saving time, money, optimizing processes, improving communication with our customers,…

Usually, a sales software will help us to improve our sales productivity. Why is that? The spending time and resources will be reduced by using a suitable tool.

Sales software will avoid to make mistakes because many processes are automated. In addition, some of these tools allow you to work in mobility. This will bring the workplace where you need it.

Things to consider

Not only contracting the tool will get its benefits. It is necessary to involve the team in its use to get the most advantage of the software.

Optimal implementation of software in your company will be essential to obtain all the benefits that it can bring you.

What types of software do you use in your company?

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