In the previous article we explained that it was a sales software and we listed the types that exist.

In this article we want to describe something else about urCollection, not only as Document Management Software, but also on how we can take profit of it as a marketing tool.

urCollection’s Functionalities

urCollection is a document management software that in addition allows to distribute to the team all the files and documents that they need to improve their comercial speech.

Document Management Software Functions

Documents are stored and they are always shared securely. The staff will have a speech that is up to date and in keeping with the performance of their functions. Because urCollection allows the creation of work groups to distribute the documents that each individual needs according to the group to which he belongs.

Sales and marketing software features

Sales force can easily access to the documentation necessary for their sales visits.

And, What can be obtained from these visits? Our application provides the statistical information generated by their use. Information about which documents are displayed the most, which users use the application and where, etc.

This information helps us learn from commercial visits. We will know which files and documents are used most and, therefore, are more attractive or the salesperson feels more comfortable working with them.

Also it shows us which files are obsolete or, for example, the location of where the files are viewed.

Business strategies

Thanks to statistics we will be able to implement action plans. A CRM can give us information about the sales made and which products we are selling the most.

In this case a sales and marketing software that is not a CRM provides us with the missing information. Improving the files that are less used, enhancing the most accepted documents.

The information we obtain from the urCollection’s statistics can help us in our sales techniques to build customer loyalty. Since crossing the data of the obtained sales and the statistics, we will know which files, and even which commercial ones are more effective.

By clicking on each location we obtain the information seen in the following video and image.

Demo Gratis

It will be useful to know how many times a file has been shared and by which of the means that urCollection allows.

Our sales and marketing software allows you to filter by dates, see the specific information of a document or a user.