Document managers have become an essential tool for Spanish companies with sales force. Or, at least, for those that need to improve the internal documentation management and share it with the staff. But, to favor the access to this type of documents involves at the same time some little trouble for the companies: files protection problems.

“Problems come out when all workers can modify the content of the documents”, says one responsible of urCollection. Our document manager meets the companies’ needs to control what actions the sales force can make with the documentation. With urCollection, companies are calm; they are sure that their contents are protected and cannot suffer modifications, losses or destructions because CEOs and Sales Directors are the ones who restrict the actions available for the sales force regarding documentation.

The following elements are required to implement urCollection in your company:

What do I need to use urCollection?

Before start using our document manager, you should be sure that your company has:

  • A computer with Internet connection to access the configuration portal

  • A mobile tablet: iOS, Android or Windows, for each sales force

How to install urCollection?

Follow the steps below to install urCollection in your business:

1. Ask for a urCollection demo totally free.

2. Once urCollection team has contacted you, you must sign up: enter your email address and a password.

3. Access the administration portal and configure what will be seen in your devices, as well as the users who will use the document management system.

4. Download the app from AppStore, Android or Windows to each sales force’s device.

5. Enter in the app the same email address and password that you have configured in the web.

This way, the app will be ready to use and start enjoying the controlled distribution of files among the company’s workers. To install urCollection is just a matter of seconds, without long processes and with the maximum speed, making your working activity easier.

With the free version of urCollection you will have 200MB storage, the possibility to upload 20 documents and the option of having 3 users using the App. If you want to have more megabytes, documents or users, then we recommend you to hire the Professional Plan, you will only pay 7,5 euros/month.