One of the main challenges of sales team leaders is the high-end performance sales team’s training. The most effective sales teams are not necessarily those who work the most, nor the smartest, nor the ones with more economic resources, but those who know how to organize themselves, unite and fight to reach their goals thanks to the sum of their strengths and the internal organization.

“As the sociologist Max Weber argued a century ago, if an institution lasts and prospers is not due to its leader’s charisma, but because leadership is cultivated in the whole system” – Goleman

The productivity, the product, the strategy and the relation with customers depend on just one thing: the team’s success; success that depends directly on the company’s habits. The one below are the qualities and abilities that the highly effective sales teams possess:

1. Professional training

To have an effective team, the recruitment of personnel is a key point. We recommend that Human Resources Department make a first selection being sure about the profile they need. However, and with the aim of reinforce the selection, the managers should do a direct interview with the candidate to choose the most prepared sales force to face the fixed objectives. Knowing about their knowledge and experience during this interview is key to know how much the candidate can contribute to our company.

2. Positive attitude

Attitude towards work is one of the most important points to make our teamwork properly. As every area of life, doing a task with a positive and proactive attitude is essential to find opportunities in occurrences and working environment. To do so, it is important to constantly train you team and recognize their merits, both economically and morally.

Victor Küppers, common columnist in marketing, sales and personal and professional development magazines, explains the concept very well in this conference about attitude:

3. Teamwork

The whole team must be unified. Managers must lay out very well their workers’ personal objectives and also those of the joint team according to the company’s needs. A good technique is to write on a paper the short-term (a year), medium-term (from two to three years) and long-term (more than three years) sales teams’ objectives and cross them as soon as they are reached.

4. Focus on the strategy

To define a good strategy you must be sure of the answers to these questions: Which is the main goal? What is the lack of your company? How do we need to reach the goal? What do we have and what do we lack? To define helps to know which are the best strategies to follow. The most effective teams follow a clear and precise strategy in which they focus loyally. Furthermore, they also know how to prioritize those activities that help them to reach their goals.

5. Think on win-win

Good Sales Managers know how to satisfy equally all parts with their decisions: dealing with employees, customers, suppliers and even the competition. Furthermore, they must transmit the passion for selling to their sales force so that they believe in the products and think always about winning, thing that offers more confidence and strength when selling.

6. Understand the customer

We must understand customers’ problems to offer them the best solution. In order to have a highly effective team, employees must learn to listen, in an empathetic way, to the customers; and Managers must be able to do the same with their workers, because this offers an important competitive benefit to business.

7. Creativity

This is an indisputable property of those highly effective work teams, those who don’t place limits to innovation and creativity. To reach it, you have to get a very effective and close communication with each of your employees; this will help ideas rise up without any difficulty.

8. Create a good working environment

To have a united team that boosts the company’s results, you must create a good working environment by establishing respectful and equal relations, which will set synergies free rather than competitiveness. It is very important to have managers who care and become involved with their teams, being as guidelines so that workers can follow the path. 70% of employees prefer a good working environment above a higher salary.

9. Abilities’ development

We must not mix up the training done by the employee with that offered by the company to help in the development. To have a skilled team, it is essential to give chances of developing and professional improving, you must offer your workers the possibility to update their knowledge or boost them with development and benefit plans.

Furthermore, you have to provide your team with the best tools and the newest technological solutions so they can sell easily, avoiding this way administrative tasks and focusing them on selling to increase the company’s results.

10. Personal and professional balance

Employees, as well as managers and sales force, must reach a personal and professional balance to be focused during their working day. You must let them relax and enjoy their rest and recovery periods as well as help them to update their professional skills.

Do you think that there are other properties that highly effective sales teams have? Help us to complete this list so that everybody could improve the professional sellers teams!