A seller is that person who is intended to sale or commercialization of a company’s product and/or service. That is to say, outside a business, those who put at the disposal of third products of interest so that they can purchase them. But, how can we identify a good sales force?

Each sales force has a property that highlights him above others; this aspect is different and personal of each seller. In other words, a sale force always has an ace up his sleeve that makes the customer feeling attracted and leads to the purchase with that seller/company and not with another one. This special characteristic will be different depending on each: person, sector, product, company, customer and environment in which the sale is developed. For this reason, each sales force should find its own if wants to stand out among the competition. However, there are common characteristics that good sellers share:

1. Self-confidence and Determination

A successful sale is only the consequence of a successful person. To reach this success in your sales you must focus on you firstly, have self-confidence and absolute self-esteem. Once you reach this personal plenitude you will be able to fix goals, that is to say, real objectives that can be tangible within a deadline. This way you will make sure that you are doing all the necessary actions to achieve these goals.

This is the first step in the path towards the closure of many sales: put a date for all your projects and visualize yourself as that successful person that you wish to be in order to reach all your objectives. But bare in mind that determination does not imply taking unnecessary risks, you must be cautious.

2. Knowledge and experience

A good seller stands out for having a good career about commercialization to be able to master in detail the whole sales process making it suitable to different situations and environments. Every good sales force knows that the first thing to do is know the market in depth: the product or service, the company, the competition and the customer.

Another important factor is that the most successful sales force has a good background. Experience is essential because the best learning is practicing and in sales, each customer is unique and has different needs.

3. Organization and Planning

Sales force needs to have a higher organizational capacity than any other worker. Organization falls to control customers, different sections, all sales visits, tracking of leads, sales numbers and objectives, etc. It is for this reason that is very important to manage the time properly to make their best to satisfy customers.

“It is known that a satisfied customer can bring us six new potential customers, but otherwise an unhappy customer will give ten bad references about us”

4. Empathy and Integrity

Customers feel comfortable with these people who is able to put in their shoes and understand their problems and needs. If you learn how to listen, empathize and understand your customers you’ll be able to offer them what they need and this way they will feel satisfied with you and your company.

Very close to empathy we find integrity. It is popular that sales force can be considered as liars because “they only want to trick you in order to sell their products”. We have to know that a liar seller can succeed in the first sale but this lie won’t lead him to a loyal relation in the long term. If your customer perceives a total integrity of sales force he will be able to create very strong bonds with the company.

5. Speed

The faster a seller responds and adapts to changes, economical movements, markets and customers; the faster will obtain good results. Those sales force that can make quicker sales than their competitors thanks to their speed of adaptation to new situations, obtain an extraordinary reward.

6. Self-discipline and Patience

Self-discipline is sales force’s way of being all the time, and this affects positively all the areas since they wake up to the time they go to bed at night. It is an essential value to be a successful seller because it requires being organized, punctual, persistent and very goal-focused.

Good sellers highly tolerate frustration; they are insistent and very patient. These capacities can create a good bond with the customer and close sales in a more effective way.

7. Effective communication

An assertive person has excellent communicative skills, knows how to make decisions and how to relate with other people. It’s about transmitting the proper messages so that customer can understand, in a reliable way, what the seller is trying to communicate about the product and/or service.

8. New technologies

Having new technologies available in order to help sales force in their job will make them enhance their qualities and be more organized, quick and efficient. It is because of this, that sellers are increasingly using mobile apps that daily help them allowing them to spend more time outside the office attending their potential customers.

The most famous ones are CRM Apps, those apps that allow sellers to have an exhaustive control of all their customers. These mobile tools make workers’ work easier because they allow to manage all the leads book, prepare sales trades, control states, sell products directly from mobile devices and take evaluation reports before, during and after sales visits.

Furthermore, good sellers are increasingly using document management sales apps to improve how they distribute catalogs and documents among sales team. With these apps, they can search and show files related to different products and/or services directly from their mobile devices, making an impression of modernity and quality in front of customers.

New technologies are double-edged swords because they help sales force to improve their daily work but also get customers’ attention making your products different from the competition and persuading faster to the purchase.