The configuration parameters of this App for sales force are defined in the urCollection’s control panel, a private control-web portal. The only ones who can define and modify these parameters are the company’s administrators.

What are the categories?

Categories are those folders that group documents with similar traits and allow the sales force to speed up the searching of files. When you use our document manager for the first time, you will have to create your first category. With these two examples you will understand the concept of category better:

a) Collection 1, product line A: Documents: Images, catalogues, prices and rates, discounts, introductory video, etc.

b) Collection 2, line product B: Documents: Catalog, Powerpoint presentation, information leaflet, etc.

Inside the same category we will find all the documents that are intended to belong to the same category. But we can also add a new subcategory with other documents inside: in fact, urCollection allows creating as many categories and subcategories as you need to. All the categories, subcategories and files are what the sales force will find inside their tablets. That’s why it is said that this is an App specific for sales force.

If you want to know how to create a new category, find it out in: Improve your documents’ organization: urCollection’s categories.

What are documents?

Documents are those files used by the sales force as a visual support during their visits. The aim is to reinforce the speech and to increase this way the chances of closing a sale. Because, what’s better than an image, a video or a presentation to reinforce the sales speech?

The Sales Directors or CEOs also use urCollection, the software for the sales force, to share with them relevant documents that can be needed in a pre-visit, during the negotiation or in the guarantee period.

In the article Upload the first documents with urCollection we explain how to upload documents to the app.

What is a user?

Users are all workers who use this sales-document management app. The person responsible for the administration portal must configure all users, because this can only be done from this position. urCollection’s users are differentiated according to their role inside the app:

  • Users: Users are all workers who have the app installed in their mobile devices and can use the sales documents stored in it

  • Administrators: Administrators are those workers who have the option of using the App but are also allowed to configure the web server

What are user groups?

User groups, as the name implies, are meant to group users with similar traits in order to speed the distribution of documents. The main aim of these groups is to share the same files among the workers belonging to the same group. Groups can be configured by region, sector, and department or as preferred. An example of groups defined by region would be the following:

a) Group 1, Spain Sales Force: They have access to the following documents: ‘Catalog’ and ‘Budget in Spanish’.

b) Group 2, Portugal Sales Force: They have access to the following documents: ‘Catalog’ and ‘Budget in Portuguese’.

An example of groups defined by department could be:

a) Group 3, Marketing Department: Access to the following documents: ‘Videos’, ‘Graphics’, and ‘Presentations’.

b) Group 4, Sales Department: Access to the following documents: ‘Catalog’, ‘Presentation and Rates’.

Bear in mind that the same user can belong to different groups. So, in the examples above, a user could belong both to Group 1 (Spain Sales Force) and Group 4 (Sales Department).

What are the permissions?

Every time we upload a document we must define the actions that a user can make with it. With urCollection, you’ll be able to assign the following permissions:

  • Open: The file appears in all users’ devices

  • Send by email: The document can be sent by email to clients or partners

  • Print: You can connect your tablet to a printer and print the files allowed to it

  • Open with external apps: The document can be seen from other app installed in the device that allows us to open it

Permissions are meant to protect documents from an improper use of its contents by the sales force.

What do analytics show?

Analytics provide essential usage information to companies. The aforementioned analytics allow companies to know, among other aspects, the following:

  • Which documents are more used by users and which are less

  • Which users are more active with the app and which are less

  • What permissions users do with the files

This information is very useful to the leadership positions of a company (as can be Sales Directors and CEOs), because it allows them to see which documents should be modified, deleted or improved according to its user’s usage. Furthermore, it also exists the possibility to geo-locate all the information sent by the document manager: being it about the use of documents, users, etc.

What parameters can I set up?

There are certain usage parameters of our sales software that can be configured from the administration portal. They include:

  • App: To set up the general properties that concern the whole app as can be: color, company’s logotype, define when to download the documents, visualization issues, etc

  • Subscription: See the features included in the Plan you have contracted

  • Payment information: Company’s information

  • Bills: See the history of invoice