That documentation has become a first-rate business active is something that companies have increasingly consideration. Especially, in the case of that information listed as confidential: that whose revelation, modification, loss, elimination or leakage can damage the owner’s organization. To protect the documents is, more than ever, a requirement to survive in a highly competitive environment.

Thanks to new technologies, it is easier now to share files, especially those in electronic format, where we find more channels to manage and transfer the information (email, USB, applications, cloud, social networks, mobile devices, etc.). All these have meant a great number of benefits for entrepreneurs but, at the same time, have also caused information’s spread. The beginning of document management apps is an answer to this problem. But not all the apps are the same, and not all of them protect your files in the same way. If you are one of those who think that any app is enough, you should take a look at these 5 reasons for which you should protect your documents with an expert app.

1. Confidential documents are checked

Companies are increasingly using more document management apps to share documents among workers. The truth is that this supposes a big number of advantages to work together but also disadvantages at the time of protecting the contents. Everybody can access and modify all the documents shared without any restriction or security. So, the most important thing is to save the private information and keep it in the anonymity. Nobody has to know your business’ income or costs, pictures, texts, bank data, passwords, lists of prices, etc.

2. Files are modified, duplicated, lost or deleted

With the document management software’s situations of undue risk can happen because, as all workers have the same permits, they can access any confidential document. Is then when damaging situations for the companies are produced, because all workers have free access to modify, duplicate, lose or delete files.

The common solutions of document management are correct to share files with family and friends or when a small team needs to work with the same document, but they are very harmful for big companies with a lot of confidential, private or sensitive files.

3. Documents reach the competition

To lose or expose information to different risks and threats is easier than it seems. For instance, who has not sent an email to the wrong address?

With the new business apps is very easy to send and share files among people; may they be from your circle or not; may they have the application installed or not. The quickness, with which documents are shared, causes some occasions of confidential information transmission to inappropriate users, sometimes without the consent of the owner or breaching the law, because this information can reach our competition or possible online delinquents.

4. Information leakage or thefts

News related to intentioned information leakage or industrial espionage cases are increasingly habitual. This is the risk of having a company connected permanently to the Internet, it causes that it becomes more exposed to intruders or documents stealing. What does this mean? That it is impossible to guarantee the privacy of the documents without a proper protection of them.

5. Viruses or malwares’ attacks

Companies are receiving more viruses or malwares’ attacks looking for confidential information. A clear example of this was the “Aurora Operation”, an operation revealed in January 2015 in which several big multinational companies were attacked. What they did was to select strategically some members of each company and infect their computers with a virus that help them to control remotely the infected computer systems. Companies as Google or Adobe became affected by this malware.

With the evolution of technology, to protect documents has become one of the most important issues for companies because it allows avoiding financial and economic losses. For this reason, the own editing programs offer the possibility to add a password to armor each of the files.

Furthermore, thanks to new technologies, several solutions of document management have been created; they offer to the business the chance of sharing files in a controlled and safe way. For instance, urCollection, the app for sales force, is the only app that allows distributing documents among the company’s sales force while protecting the files from the points above.

The difference between urCollection and other document management applications is based on the administrators –CEOs, Sales Managers and Marketing Managers-, they are the only ones who can edit the documents and distribute them to other sales force. In addition to be the ones who can decide which actions can workers do with files. With urCollection the companies can control and manage the documents preventing this way their confidential contents from the five reasons above.