Apps for professionals have revolutionized the way that companies share files. One single click is enough to make the latest version of a document reach all workers. But, is your document manager safe? Safety makes the difference between software intended for professionals and those for an individual domestic use.

When we think about a mobile app, the first that appears on our mind are some tools as can be Dropbox or Google Drive, very expanded and easy to use. However, these platforms do not allow to control what users can do with the stored contents; thing that can cause serious problems to the company in case those files become destroyed, modified or lost by mistake. They are, definitely, perfect tools for a domestic use but not as suitable for companies.

In this article, we are going to focus on the main differences between apps for professional companies with sales force and those intended for individual users:

Advantages of apps for individuals

There are many apps to share files between individuals. The ones below are the main benefits of using these online storage tools at domestic level:

  • Share documents: These solutions allow individuals to share documents, images and videos among friends and relatives

  • Have all the documents in all your devices: Users are offered the possibility of having their files stored in all their devices because the app can be downloaded at the same time to you computer, tablet, etc

  • Working together: All users have the same permits, that is to say, all of them can download, modify, delete or upload documents. That’s why we can affirm that these apps allow working together with the same documents

  • Re-share files: These apps are perfect for individuals because users can share files, previously sent by other users, to other people

Advantages of apps for companies

Nowadays, apps with the aim of meeting business needs are starting to emerge. These aforesaid needs are related to document distribution among the workers of a company. However, the most of these apps allow all workers to share files freely and are not focused on the protection and security of business contents.

In order to avoid and correct these complications and failures, urCollection, the app for sales force, has been created. urCollection is the only app thought exclusively to control the distribution of business contents. It allows to share files, but from a professional point of view and is mainly focused on companies with sales force. Now, you will find a list of benefits that this document manager offers to companies:

  • Control of documents: The main advantage that urCollection offers above other types of document managers is that it prevents workers from editing the files, avoiding this way problems such as the total or partial loss of contents or the destruction of files, main issues inside the documents management field regarding sales companies

  • Protection of files: urCollection is hierarchical, only the administrators are allowed to edit the files externally and distribute them among the sales force protecting thus the contents

  • Limitation of permissions: This app offers to the administrators the possibility of controlling at all times who access the documents, how to share files and what actions workers can make with them. Permissions and actions are restricted, so each user is authorized to do only certain things with the files, avoiding this way that confidential documentation could reach the competition

  • Increase of productivity: Workers are always updated and contents are renovated in real time. Furthermore, this document manager has functions that speed up the documents localization to make the work easier for the sales force during the sales visits

  • You’ll gain in order: At organizational level, you can create folders and subfolders that group together all documents sharing the same topic or department

  • More communication: The online storage increases the communication’s efficiency between the different members and departments of the company

  • Be environmentally friendly: Of course, you’ll gain in environmental commitment, because the communication is done via online and you can avoid paper documents –with the required updates and the cost they imply– and unnecessary transports in case of customers’ shipments

In conclusion, looking at how the business world is behaving nowadays, computer communications and Internet are the order of the day and are essential to all businesses. For that reason, it is better to rely on the use of a software for companies specialized in this issue, because it can offer peace and a full control of sales and constitutional files.