Internet has become something essential for companies in the last years. It is not a whim: workers are increasingly requiring connectivity to develop their daily tasks. In many companies, a lack of Wi-Fi or Internet connection causes more problems than a lack of electricity or water.

However, there are professionals who, although they also need to be connected to the Internet to do their work, often lack this connection because their tasks require going outside the office. A clear example of it is sales team: when sellers go on a sales visit, many time there’s no connectivity, even though they need to access their customers’ information, check some documents or place an order.

How does sales force to work offline?

There are a lot of solutions to help during the sale. Nowadays, there are many apps to do reporting or distribution of documents both online and offline. Furthermore for order apps, the information is saved until you can access to Internet again and synchronize your device.

Some of the features that can be done with good mobile apps, both working online and offline are the following ones:

  • Develop the sales visit whether you have connection or not

  • Show and present catalogs and updated documentation without Internet: brochures, presentations, lists of prices, videos, images, etc

  • Control users that access to the app

  • Place an order directly in the device

  • Check trade and sales routes

  • Check each customer’s information anywhere at any time

  • Report directly without going to the office

The truth is that working offline in an efficient way is an important requirement that is becoming more and more trendy for national companies. It is because of this that document management apps have already incorporated this attribute in their solutions.

An example of this is urCollection, that allows managing sales catalogs and documentation offline. Experience allows seeing that the most of the documents are showed offline, because you never know where you would have to do a sale. It’s always better to avoid losing a sale due to a lack of access to the Internet, or the difficulty to access the information

To sum up, it is important to adopt mobility bearing in mind that one of the most important requirements is to be able to access the information remotely without being online. It is because of this, that when defining how do we want to work and with which tools, it is important to know which information is relevant for the company and whether we will access it being both online or offline.