Being satisfied with the standard security that the network offers when sharing files is a luxury that the companies cannot afford anymore. In an increasingly flexible work environment, in which job changes are the order of the day, it is essential to have a document management tool that protects the key documents for a company against possible modifications, losses, or even piracy.

With urCollection, the app for sales force, the app’s administrator has the security and the flexibility in his/her hands, ensuring a real and effective protection for your company’s confidential documents. urCollection is the only sales management software that allows companies to distribute documentation among their sales force with full flexibility and protecting their files from information leakage.

Backup copies with this document manager

From urCollection’s solution, we make backup copies of all your company’s documents and store them in a central server, but we also keep them in another server in the cloud. This way, we obtain a double online backup copy of your files that allows a quick recovery in case of loss.

Being it a mobile solution, with a software distributed architecture that takes advantage of the cloud’s benefits, the document’s management and protection is not only done at Backup level, but also at network level, at device level and, mainly, at user level. Here it is explained in detail:

Security at network level

All the information between server and app is processed through the HTTPS protocol, which encodes the whole session with digital certificate or SSL when an information transfer is done via the Internet. Thus, the user has full guarantees that the information sent by this document management program cannot be intercepted nor used by third parties under no circumstances.

Security at device level

Documents are encoded by using the encryption key of the own device’s operating system, giving this way an absolute protection. If the sales force looses the tablet, this kind of protection prevents other people from downloading or extracting the files from the device.

Security at user level

Documents’ security is guaranteed because the application’s administrator defines the actions that workers can do with the files; and he or she is the only one who can share files. With this permissions system, you can avoid files’ modifications, losses, eliminations or information leakages.