urCollection Blog is one step further to continue growing, without stopping, like we have been doing since now. This is why we have encouraged ourselves to start this new adventure and you are reading its first lines right now. Today we launch what will be the blog of our new and splendid app for document management, urCollection.

What do we mean by this? Simply that the webstorage app is starting to yield results and, due to its echo, we have been impelled to open a new communication channel with contents we hope our customers, users and navigators will find interesting.

If you still don’t know about it, we must say that urCollection is the first document manager that allows to distribute and share files among the company’s staff in a controlled and safe way, preventing the elimination or modification of documents thanks to the restriction of the actions that the sales force can make. urCollection app is the best one for sales force!

Today we jump into the network

So, today we jump into the network with our own blog full of articles regarding highly topical business subjects, as can be document management, business management, process optimization, business benefits, sales, mobile solutions for companies and many others. Furthermore, we will present tricks and tips to optimize the usage of our document manager and offer to our customers all they can get from our app.

If you want to know how can your company improve internally through new mobile tools, process optimization tips, document management, keys during the sales process or how to improve the production and increase your business’ sales, this is your blog! Pay attention to our publications!