Sales force’s main goal is to increase and improve company’s sales. There’s a reason for this: sales involve its personal success and the most of the times its monthly income depends on them.

It is proved that sales apps help companies intended to sales. These speeds up the visits because the sales force use the files as a visual support during the speeches. However, many companies still hinder when they have to hire a document manager. Because in the end, it is something typical of the human being: we are resistant to change. Here, you will find five convincing reasons that will convince even the most reluctant entrepreneur:

1. More productivity + More document management = More sales

During sales visits, sales force has always brought visual documents with them in order to reinforce, boost and enhance their arguments. In the last few years, images, videos, analytics and all kind of files that help the potential customer to take sides to the product’s purchase have been incorporated too. To be able to move as many files as we want and having them well organized, apps for sales force have been created.

These document management tools are becoming increasingly present in sales companies because they have functions that speed up the process of files searching. Furthermore, they allow users to find documents extremely quickly, saving this way a lot of time. All this implies that the sales force won’t waste time in simple tasks; it will be more productive and efficient increasing the opportunities and ensuring more sales.

2. Sharing files had ever been so easy

Sharing files among the workers of a company is much easier with apps for sales force. The 90% of users that have tested them are generally satisfied with their potential and simplicity, opting for the contract of one of the solutions that the market offers. The ease that the sales management software’s offers, allows both experts and unskilled people to use these apps.

3. Training, tracking and guarantees

To convince the undecided ones, we must highlight that the most of the software for companies offer a free training and an exhaustive tracking so that companies can implement these tools in a proper way. Furthermore, the most of them also offer guarantees to make sure that the chosen solution is the correct one for that kind of company.

4. Involve sales force in the solution’s decision

This is a very important point because it minimizes the “fear of the unknown” and involves all workers in the decision of hiring a tool that will be daily used by them. For that reason exists the demo option –that the most of the apps for business have– that allows sales team to see the needs that this tool can meet before purchasing it. This option highlights the strong points and gives examples of the benefits that the software can bring to the company.

5. We recommend urCollection

At this point, let us make a little bit of self-promotion, but urCollection is one of the best software for sales force you can find in the market. urCollection is a document manager created exclusively for companies with sales force that want to control and protect the content of their documents.

Our document management tool supports any type of documents so that the sales force could use all the resources needed to boost their arguments and increase the chance of products’ purchasing. Furthermore, urCollection is the only app that allows administrators, -CEOs, Sales Managers and Marketing Managers-, to restrict the sales force’s actions regarding documentation preventing them from modifications, eliminations or information leakages.