How can apps help my company?

The opening question of this article has been the talk of the town among many IT directors in the last years. Many of them face the transition to the cloud with caution and fear. From the first question derive others, and doubts become accumulated among managers and directors. Are mobile apps worth it? Will they help me to optimize my resources and actives? There are several ways of evaluating how apps suppose savings of up to 40% to sales companies thanks to change the infrastructure into apps:

Advantages of using an app in the cloud

1. Mobile apps save costs

The first points, and the most direct one, are machines and servers’ costs. Implement apps imply that those servers where these services are executed, (probably 2 in order to have them in backup or parallel running mode to minimize risks) stop being in the company and become a service outside it. This implies that, thanks to apps, investment in machinery is not necessary anymore and neither the human cost derived from the start-up, the maintenance and the monitoring of these services, because the hired service will do it on its own. Taking this point into account, we can save about 6.000€ in services, SAIs and investment RACKs, as well as a Human Resource of 10h per week.

2. Apps improve the service’s quality

As a general rule, any app has by defaulted several functions and recovery systems that are very important for companies. System such as backups, high availability both of hardware and of network or redundant supply, among others, are key elements to ensure a good functioning of the services and also guarantee recovery if some disaster happens.

3. Apps boost connectivity

Another important issue, usually unknown by companies, is the improvement of connectivity that supposes an online access outside the company. When you put the services in the cloud, you are not depending on your company’s Internet connection to access these services outside the office. For instance, to connect a document management app from your employees’ home or from the street when they do sales visits, the connection will use the cloud services supplier’s bandwidth, and not the company’s one, thing that will help improve the user experience.

As a general rule, the implementation of a cloud app supposes to companies a cost saving of 30-40% against other traditional solutions, in addition of being an opportunity to a Pyme to position itself at the same level as big entities.

From urCollection, we stand up for business apps, for economy, for service and because at the end of the day they do our working life easier. In fact, urCollection, the app for sales force, is developed and it’s a cloud solution that supposes a direct cost saving for businesses to maximize and recover the investment in 6 months.