Nowadays, sales companies manage a big number of catalogs and sales documents. This has a purpose: companies should anticipate their customers’ needs, because any unexpected event during a visit must be covered in just a moment. It is due to this that the sales force obtains support from visual documents, thing that explains the emergence of document management systems to have the sales catalogs updated.

We have to bear in mind that, however, sales catalogs change frequently because products are constantly changing and we must provide the most updated information to our customers. It is necessary to have a document manager that allows us to have an accurate control when sharing files with the aim of keeping our workers updated.

Update documents in the document management app

What today it is an updated document can become obsolete in two days. Why we should keep our catalogs and documents updated?

  • Changes in characteristics: Products can change regarding information or image and this change must fit in all our company’s resources

  • Changes in prices and offers: There might be some changes in the price of a product or in season’s special offers

  • Modernization: Files can change if more visual resources are introduced during a sales visit, for example, using a video or a PowerPoint presentation

All these changes, that sales and marketing departments make every day, must be transferred to the sales force in an organized, instantaneous and effective way so that they become correctly updated. Hence, there is the need to have a good document manager.

Common problems when sharing files

Although Sales Managers/Directors and Marketing Managers are those in charge of transmitting the changes in the files to the sales force, situations like the following take place often:

  • Out-of-date: There are sales agents that don’t update the contents of their document manager and use old versions of files for their visits

  • Duplicates: Sales force keep all the documents’ versions without knowing which one is the most prevalent

  • Lack of coordination: There are Sales Directors and Marketing Managers who don’t control if their workers update or not the latest version of files

  • Chaos: Information spread is produced among workers: modification, destruction and loss of documents

To solve these problems, companies have started to use document management apps that make it easier to share documents and allow having the sales catalogs updated. However, the best-known document managers don’t cover all the companies’ pains.

urCollection, the document management app for sales force

urCollection is a document manager thought only for sales teams that allows to control the distribution of catalogs and documents of a company. Thanks to its many functions, only administrators (CEOs, Sales Managers/Directors and Marketing Managers) have the permissions to modify and distribute documents, protecting this way the most valuable active of the companies: their documentation.