The Digec Success Story or Catalan Encyclopedia is the most important publisher of encyclopedias in Catalonia

Digec is a Catalan publishing group founded in 1980 and based in Barcelona. It is known for having promoted literary works of different topics, especially the Gran Enciclopedia Catalana. As well as other products of dissemination of knowledge and reading with the mission of promoting and spreading the Catalan language and culture.

It has a high quantity and diversity of publishing material distributed throughout Catalonia. Its publishing products (books, encyclopedias, collections, etc.) need from a good explanation and a sales support to be sold.

Digec sales force was looking for a technological support that would help them to explain in a better way their products during the business visits. It was in that moment when they found urCollection, the sales app.

Digec is a Catalan publishing group founded in 1980 and based in Barcelona. It is known for having promoted the Great Catalan Encyclopaedia as well as other products of dissemination of knowledge and reading.


Digec Success Story

As all companies that distribute value-added products, Digec uses visual documents to boost the speech of its sales force. With urCollection app they sell more and better.

UrCollection improves and protects the distribution of sales catalogs to sales teams, as in Digec Success Story


Digec needed a technological solution that would allow them to improve the way how they showed and sold products during sales visits.

At that time Digec had different sales files in digital to reduce to carry weight on paper to business visits. However, Digec’s sales force had the information dispersed and an important lack of unification of contents. It was then when they decided to contact with team urCollection, so they could improve their way of working. In this success story, the main challenges were:

1. Increase the sale impact on customers. Difficulty drawing attention and captivating the customer.

2. Lack of unification of the speech. Sales force had different digital documents to sell but they were not aligned.

3. Sales force had different mobile devices. Each sales rep had a different mobile device: iPads, Android tablets and Windows 10 tablets.

Upon finding out that there was a sales app to improve and strenght business visits, Digec contacted urCollection.

Boost your products, sell more and better with the app for sales force that improves the sales process, unifies the sales speech and helps to sell more


The solution was the start up of the urCollection app. In particular, this app for sales force suited all their needs and adapted to company requirements at the best price:

1. urCollection allows to display different types of documents. Enhancing the way how products are shown thanks to digital catalogs, videos and multimedia contents that draw customers’ attention by persuading them more quickly to the purchase.

2. Sales reps and sellers are aligned in the sales speech. All of them have the same documents in urCollection app fact that unifies the speech and promotes that all sales force follows the same sales pitch.

3. urCollection is a multiplatform app. Everyone can use it because it is available for iPad, Android and Windows 10.

Implantation was very fast and simple. Team urCollection deployed the app on all Digec sales devices in less than two days. Digec sales reps also took a little training so they could get the most out of this mobile tool.

urCollection enhances the brand image, unifies the sales speech and draws customers to the purchase allowing to sell more and better. For this reason, it has become one of the benchmark apps for sales force and many publishing companies with sales team have decided to implement it as a support during their visits.

UrCollection allows to unify the speech and to show all the product catalogs of the Digec publisher group to strengh and boost the sales arguments and to sell more


For more than 2 years Digec has been using urCollection app and with its implementation has observed great advantages and benefits:

  • Sales force has the documents centralized and they also have more visual resources available during sales visits to persuade customers to the purchase more quickly
  • Marketing department designs the sales catalogs and distributes them to the sales force ensuring that all sales reps have the same documents with the latest updates
  • Better brand image in front of potential and actual customers
  • Unify and strengthen the sales speech of sellers during their business visits thanks that all of them have available the same documents
  • Better management and distribution of documents to the sales team
  • Using the app easily and quickly regardless of the mobile device used, very good development on all platforms
  • Sales reps use the tool at its full potential thanks to the previous training and the current maintenance
  • Know which documents are used the least, so Marketing team would modify this files to offer the best sales tools to sales force
  • With geolocation of documents we can know where files are opened, this fact has proved us that sometimes sales are not only succeed and closed in an office
  • A significant increase of the sales of products and of the company profit