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Digital catalogs of beauty sector

App for perfumery and cosmetics companies

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urCollection is the mobile app particularly designed to manage catalogs and other documents that the sales force of beauty use during the sales visits.

With this app, the sales force will have in their tablets the same sales documents with the latest versions. And, how can it be possible?

urCollection works hierarchically, in other words, the administrator is the only one who can distribute documents to the sales team. That’s how sales force will have all catalogs in their mobile device automatically updated.

urCollection allows perfumery and cosmetics companies to manage catalogs, improve sales force speech and thus, sell more.

Why should you incorporate urCollection?

improve sales catalogs management  Catalogs manager

urCollection will allow you to improve the way how you distribute catalogs and other documents to sales force. This App saves time, avoids lose documentation, centralizes its management and guarantees that sales force is always up to date.

protect your confidential sales documents and catalogs  Totally protection

Avoid that sales force would modify, delete or share catalogs’ content. With this beauty app your sales files will be safe and protected.

boost and unify sales force speeches  Improve sales force speech

Sales reps will have products’ catalogs, offers and rates stored inside urCollection App. They will be able to access to these documents quickly, from wherever and at any time. Digitalization of files enables to draw customers’ attention and to persuade them faster to the purchase.

what sales force and sales reps do during sales visits  Usage analytics

urCollection incorporates analytics that allow to know which catalogs are the most used, who use them and where. In this way, you can get exhaustive information of the documentation usage in order to improve the sales files.

Successful Stories

Our customers’ satisfaction is our main goal. With urCollection we have helped many companies to improve their sales processes and how they sale their products, increasing in this way their sales and profits.

Montibello improves the document management


Documentation is one of the most valuable actives of Montibello. urCollection is perfect for cosmetics companies, because this app improves how sales catalogs are distributed to the sales force. Montibello has discovered that with a proper management of the digital catalogs the sales increase.

Henry Schein improves the sales speech thanks to an app

Henry Schein

Representing dentifrices companies, Henry Schein has found in urCollection a program that allows to boost the sales force’ speech thanks to digitalize the catalogs. An image is worth a thousand words, and the visual support is very important in sales visits.

Orbimed improves sales catalogs thanks to urCollection analytics


Orbimed has found with analytics that the most sold products are the most shown and also that the sales force who sells more are those who show more catalogs in their sales visits. With the help of these analytics, the content of files is modified in order to increase the sales.

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urCollection is the app for perfumery and cosmetics sales teams which was created by app2U company.

In app2U we have long experience developing mobile apps for companies. Our main goal is to boost our customers’ businesses through specific apps that improve their productivity and increase their profits.

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